diving courses



Diving baptism is the first real experience with the diving world.
It is a very shallow dive with the whole team. Experience the feeling of diving without worrying about anything. The instructor will explain everything you need to know, so you can enjoy your first dive completely safely.

As a novelty, we offer a welcome pack to the underwater world. There, you will find all the information needed to have a safe and enjoyable first contact.


Course with diving initiation in the ocean and basics of apnea, you will also learn how to move in the new habitat. The theoretical part will consist on studying the equipment needed and getting to know the most characteristic species of underwater fauna.


Scuba Diver

First course that allows you to dive in open water, supervised by a dive master or instructor, with a maximum 12 meters depth dive. This course consists of a theoretical module, a practical module in a pool and two dives in the sea. This is great if you do not have much time and want to start enjoying the diving world.
Open Water

You will obtain the certification that will allow you to dive in open water autonomously up to 18 meters deep. This course consists on:

• Theoretical part: Our new educational system, allows you to study at your own pace, when it suits you best, and we will reinforce the concepts in class. It’s a way to reduce classroom time and increase diving time.

• Practical part: We extend water training by offering an extra confined water dive that will help you enjoy open water dives in a reliable way.


Advanced Adventurer

The Advanced Adventurer is the first of the advanced courses.
Cursos de especialidad

Perfect buoyancy.
Deep Diving.
Wreck Diving.
Cave Diving.
Dry suit diving.
Digital underwater photography.
Underwater video.
Night Dive
Stress & Rescue (React right course required to obtain the certificate).
React Right: First Aid, and AED oxygenation.
Enriched Nitrox Air 32/40%.
equipment Techniques.
Science diving.
Marine biology and species identification.


Dive guide

We coach well prepared and very versatile professional divers with great output. In order to register for this course, you have to own the Stress & Rescue certificate and have a minimum of 40 logged dives. The course includes five practical and theoretical modules. You can lead and guide certified divers with a dive guide.
Dive Master

(Dive Guide + Dive Science)

This certificate, qualifies you to teach diving baptisms and assist instructors at training under direct supervision.

Dive Control Specialist

This qualification certifies you as an assistant instructor, enabling you to lead and guide certified divers, assist instructors in the classroom, at the pool and in open water; teach exercises theoretically and practically in a pool under an instructor’s indirect supervision, teach Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling course and perform baptisms.