Sardina del Norte

Gáldar Township · Gran Canaria
While elsewhere cities rise in hours, here the speed does not exceed the rhythm of the waves reaching the dock.
Sardina is a settlement in northern Gran Canaria, far away from the south’s great golden beaches.

Other places are keen on building artificial islands with hundred thousand sand tons, here, on the other hand, conversations on the terraces are not concerning the stock exchange market and you will not find limousines, nor luxury hotels with helipad.

Real luxury is the fish coming out of the bar’s kitchens located sliding down the slope leading to the beach.

There aren’t any ostentatious millionaires with yachts. But if you are concerned about millions, you will be able to find millions of fish, Fourteen thousand different kinds, but under the sea, because here, the seabed is the richest in the archipelago. It’s A billionaire seabed. And that’s why this fishing enclave gathers divers from all over the world.

As long as people are keen on raising skyscrapers as tall as mountains, there will also be other ones choosing the opposite; they just want to live peacefully next to the ocean.

And as you already know, the center of the world is where you want it to be.