Any equipment you might need for diving, either the complete set or parts of the equipment, such as tanks, fins, mask, wetsuit, dive boots, regulators, weight belts, etc. is at your disposal.

Complete equipment 20 €
Tank: 6 €
Jacket: € 5
Regulator: € 5
Wet Suit 5 €
Weight: 3 €
Fins: 3 €
Dive boots: 2,5 €
Mask / snorkel: 3 €
Dive computer 8 €
Focus: € 8
Rental bonus 14 tanks (200 bar): 70 €
Rental bonus 13 tanks (300 bar): 70 €

We charge diving tanks. The air intake is made through the many different filters and is located on the highest part of the building, away from any pollution, where the air is clean and healthy. These filters are checked and cleaned on a regular basis, in order to guarantee the correct air quality in the tanks
Charging tank (200/300 bar): 3 €
Rental bonus for 14 tanks: 70 €
Snorkeling and marine life identification: 25 €
Baptism: 50 €
Open Water Diver: 300 €
Advanced Adventurer: 300 €
Advanced Open Water Diver 390 €
Stress & Rescue Diver 270 €
React Right: 150 €
Stress & Rescue Pack + React Right 390 €
Nitrox Enriched Air: 100 €
Nitrox Enriched Air + 2 dives: 150 €

Dive Master (Dive Guide+ Diving Science): € 650
Specialty course: 150 €

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Immersions without equipment:

Diving at Sardina, Caleta de Arriba, Caleta de Abajo, Night and Awakening in Sardina: 15 €
Special trips to the south area (Cabrón, Tufia, etc): 20 €

Boat outings: consult.
Equipment dive: 30 € (bulb not included)
Double dive with full equipment 50 €
Dive bonus without equipment 5 + 1 free; 10 + 2 free.

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We manage your mandatory diving insurance instantly. You can choose the insurance that best suits you, depending on your diving frequency. You can choose between daily, monthly or yearly Insurance.


We have a wide equipment exposure of major brands for divers, as Cressi, Scubapro, Suunto, Subaqua, Omersub, amongst other, top brands in diving equipment. We are happy to advise you on the purchase of your equipment set. Do not hesitate to contact us for any material you need.


We repair all types of diving equipment from regulators, pipes, vests … to the management and repair v of dive computers and any materials that need tuning up, so you can enjoy diving safely.


If you want to spend a few days diving with us, exploring the island and enjoying our seabed, North Diving can also manage the accommodation within the area. Do not hesitate to contact us to offer you the accommodation that best suits your needs.


In North Diving we organize excursions and scuba diving trips to all the Canary Islands or elsewhere. In case you want to be updated with the latest trips, please provide us with your data.